About Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (also known as PPF and clear bra) offers the best protection against rock chips, scratches, road debris, bird droppings, tree sap deposits and more from damaging your car’s paint.

We offer two different film options to protect your car. SunTek Ultra Matte, which is the clearest film which keeps the original gloss and shine of your paint, and SunTek Matte which transforms your cars look to give you a nice matte finish. Both films offer self-healing and self-cleaning abilities to protect your car. Paint protection film will ensure your car will not need to be repainted from all the miles of driving.

PPF Application

  • Ultra-high quality installation
  • Full wrap, full front end with rockers, full front end, and customized options available
  • Custom cut, fully wrapped edges on every panel
  • Top tier, highest quality film available from SunTek Ultra
  • SunTek Ultra Matte and Suntek Matte have 10-year warranties

Questions? Call Us Today

Do I need paint protection film if my car is new?

Absolutely! It is going to protect the car from rock chips, road debris, tree sap, and more, and leave you with perfect paint underneath when its removed. This is the perfect time to have paint protection film applied to your car.

What if my car is a couple of years old?

That is fine, you can still have the car polished and have the paint protection film applied to it. Any chips can be touched up prior to the installation.

Do I need to have the car polished prior to having the film installed?

No, as part of the application process we wash and polish your vehicle.

Is PPF the same as the ceramic coating that you offer?

No. Paint protection film is a 8mil thick piece of film that is laid on top of the paint and can be removed. It offers protection against rock chips and road debris. A ceramic coating is a liquid and will not protect against rock chips. It can be applied to the top of the clear film for added protection and hydrophobic properties.

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